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Inventory and Procurement Management Made Easy.

Marathon Pacer makes inventory and procurement management easy by delivering on the objectives of lab operations, finance, and scientific teams. Pacer will allow you to reclaim valuable lab space, eliminate stockouts, and provide the products you and your scientists prefer.

What is Pacer?

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This is a program designed to fulfill the needs and desires of all stakeholders within the lab.
See how Pacer is built uniquely for you.

Pacer has brought order and security to my lab and helped me as a lab manager by removing the burdens associated with inventory and procurement management. My lab always has the proper amount of consumables on hand, we no longer have stockouts, and our stockroom is clean and easy to manage. The Pacer team has gained the trust of me and my scientists to control procurement which has allowed our purchasing to be centralized. Pacer has proven to us that it delivers on all of the capabilities it claims.

As a scientist, I prefer Marathon Pacer to other inventory management programs because they do not push us to use a certain brand. They purchase the products that we prefer. They stock and label the points of use and stockroom in a way that makes sense, so it is easy for me to restock my bench at any given time and know that the product I am looking for will actually be there. When products are getting low, I no longer have to scramble to get it shipped overnight, I can trust that Pacer will replenish the stock in time.

Marathon Pacer provides my team with reports and data we were previously lacking. These real-time and historical reports found in the Pacer dashboard have allowed us to make informed business decisions, forecast more accurately, and always have visibility to cash tied to inventory.

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Continue to Use Preferred Products

Marathon Pacer will provide a tailored solution for your lab without disrupting scientist day to day, which is why we have built the relationships with consumables manufacturers to procure you the products you want without the lead time.


Virtual Stockroom

Eliminates lead times and storage limitations by facilitating delivery of the right products at the right location at the right time. Virtual stockrooms allow you to reclaim valuable lab space while maintaining visibility in your customer dashboard.
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Log into your personalized dashboard for visibility to data trends and usages. Use these reports to communicate to your finance and upper management teams on high-integrity, accurate data.


“I brought the Pacer team in and within a month, not even, I was seeing a major difference… We have not had a single stockout, we have reduced our inventory product numbers by 13% which I didn’t think was possible and didn’t have the bandwidth to do it myself. The efficiency Marathon Pacer brings is unsurpassed by anyone else I’ve seen.”

Manager - Lab Operations and Logistics
Mid-sized biotech

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