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Predictable Supply in an
Unpredictable World

How inventory management should work.



Keep the leanest possible supply onsite.

week supply

3-month demand offsite*


2-4 Week supply onsite

Shipped within
24 hours

* Offsite doesn't mean out of sight.

Weekly reports include both offsite and onsite in your available supply

"They're great about knowing how little space we actually have.
And they know that when we order, we need to it right away. I've heard the stockpiling horror stories. Thanks to them, even during our lab renovation, we've been able to operate normally and what we need."


Set the right replenishment pace.

Schedule an initial reset with Pacer.
  • Account for expired and unnecessary items
  • Tally products on hand, identifying under-and overstock
  • Reconcile outstanding orders and backorders.
  • Re-organize storeroom and points of use
  • Map easier consumable distribution within lab
Refined over time based on your actual use.
  • Provide a robust and expanding catalogue of quality consumables
  • Provide sample products to confirm scientists’ satisfaction
  • Refine min and max levels for each item
  • Evaluate inventory trends
Continuous monitoring for your evolving needs.
  • Get automatic, unobtrusive weekly reconciliations and refills
  • No hidden lead times, delays or stockouts
  • Keep stock rooms and points of use organized and under control

“We’re in the start-up phase with ever-changing, dynamic needs. With Pacer, I don’t think twice about inventory…they’re constantly on top of it. I can ‘set it and forget it’.”


Know what you have…anticipate what you need.

  • Regular reporting on inventory and order activity
  • Data driven lab operations insights
  • Maximizing lab efficiency and usage of lab space
  • Quarterly business reviews based on operational analysis