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How Inventory
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As an organization within MarathonLS, Marathon Pacer is a strategic inventory management and lab operations program developed to provide our clients predictable supply in an unpredictable world. The Marathon Pacer team strives to develop strategic partnerships with laboratory operations professionals who share our vision for operational excellence and an uninterrupted supply chain.

Program Capabilities

Group 307

Lab consumables inventory management coupled with automatic replenishment

Group 308

Deliberate operations support processes continually tailored to meet your laboratory and scientific staff requirements

Group 310

Strategic procurement solutions on our clients' behalf

Group 306

Predictable supply chain through storage optimization and offsite warehouse facilities

Group 309

Data-driven lab operations insights including weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting on consumables inventory metrics

Group 310

Strategic procurement solutions on our clients' behalf


Real time visibility to your inventory and usage trough Pacer’s software dashboard

The Pacer Process

Upon initial engagement with the Pacer Program, our team provides customers with inventory and supply chain consistency while using operational analysis to foster continuous improvement in the lab, at the points of use, and in the stock room.

We apply the Reset, Optimize, Keep Pace process in a perpetual manner to ensure that lab operations are always running smoothly and continue to enable our customers race towards innovation.

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Meet the Team

Sheldon New1

Sheldon Edwards
Account Executive, Marathon Pacer

Mike New1

Mike McCormick
Director, Service Delivery

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Amanda Rivera
Lead Customer Service Representative

Patrick New1

Patrick MacDonald
Customer Success Specialist

Clayton New1

Clayton Wicks
Director of Portfolio Development

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Marathon has a wide range of plastic consumables* offerings for our customers. Our Pacer customers also have access to a Marathon representative who will purchase non-Marathon products on the client’s behalf through platforms like Prendio.

*No refrigeration, perishable, hazmat, or flammable reagents are available

  1. The primary actions during the implementation phase of Pacer are an initial lab and stock room evaluation and walk-through, a thorough analysis of historical consumable usage, followed by the organization of consumables onsite, and a final review of the onboarding check list which confirms items such as agreed upon min/max levels, established communication channels and recurring meetings, etc. Initial implementation with Pacer will take approximately two weeks, at which point, weekly replenishments commence.
  1. Marathon Pacer has several dedicated team members working exclusively on their specialized responsibilities within Pacer, such as finance, procurement, data analysis, stocking, organizing, ordering, communication and much more. Because the Pacer team is a group of individuals, one full-time employee wouldn’t have the expertise in all of these areas to accomplish the entire scope of work. As an organization, Marathon has four warehouses across the US from which we distribute all of our products in a strategic manner. This mirrors our Pacer strategy – something a non-Marathon employee would not be able to replicate. In addition, the cost of Pacer is less than the salary of a full-time employee when you consider a number of expenses such as the resources needed to onboard, health, medical, dental, and vision insurance, paid time off and other benefits.