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Enabling Supply Chain Best Practices

How Inventory Management Should Work

Marathon Pacer makes inventory management easy. It is a program that delivers on the objectives of lab operations, finance teams and scientists, creating an inventory management solution that our customers have always hoped for, but were never able to execute on their own. The program is based on three core pillars: flexible, transparent and predictable. 

-Flexible: consumables that are brand agnostic to provide scientists the exact products they require. 

-Transparent: a personalized technology platform with real time data to support informed business decisions. 

-Predictable: PacerStock eliminates lead times and storage limitations by leveraging our local warehouses serving as an extension of your store rooms and providing full transparency to your inventory through the Pacer software.  

Marathon Pacer is guaranteed to allow your lab to reclaim valuable lab space, eliminate disruptions to the critical supplies needed for discovery and to ensure products are never under or overstocked at any time. Marathon Pacer makes inventory management easy.

Program Capabilities

Group 307

Lab consumables inventory management coupled with automatic replenishment

Group 308

Deliberate operations support processes continually tailored to meet your laboratory and scientific staff requirements

Group 310

Strategic procurement solutions on our clients' behalf

Group 306

Predictable supply chain through storage optimization and offsite warehouse facilities

Group 309

Data-driven lab operations insights including weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting on consumables inventory metrics

Group 310

Strategic procurement solutions on our clients' behalf


Real time visibility to your inventory and usage trough Pacer’s software dashboard

The Pacer Process

Upon initial engagement with the Pacer Program, our team provides customers with inventory and supply chain consistency while using operational analysis to foster continuous improvement in the lab, at the points of use, and in the stock room.

We apply the Reset, Optimize, Keep Pace process in a perpetual manner to ensure that lab operations are always running smoothly and continue to enable our customers race towards innovation.

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Meet the Team

Sheldon New1

Sheldon Edwards
Account Executive, Marathon Pacer

Mike New1

Mike McCormick
Director, Service Delivery

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Amanda Rivera
Lead Customer Service Representative

Patrick New1

Patrick MacDonald
Customer Success Specialist

Clayton New1

Clayton Wicks
Director of Portfolio Development

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Marathon Pacer is brand agnostic which means that we supply lab consumables that your scientists already use and prefer. We do not stock consumables that are refrigerated, perishable, hazmat, or flammable.
  1. The implementation stage of Pacer requires minimal time from the customer. Your Pacer team manages and conducts implementation with feedback and input from your lab operations team and scientific teams.
  1. Marathon Pacer is made up of a team of experts in the fields of procurement, data analysis, business development, logistics, and finance, that have created a program executing the highest quality of work at a price lower than the salary of a full-time employee or other alternative. You also will not have to worry about coverage for an FTE that may be out sick or on vacation.