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MarathonLS offers a wide range of centrifuge tubes, solution bottles, culture tubes, and cryovials to suit all storage needs.
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Centrifuge Tubes

Centrifuges tubes are used in laboratories to spin centrifuge tubes at high speeds – turning liquid substances into distinct layers sorted by density. This centrifuge process is in drug production, blood cell separation, and reactant recovery (amongst many other common applications).

Marathon centrifuge tubes are manufactured in a class 100,000 room environment and under the SO13485 and ISO9001 quality management system.  In addition, our centrifuge tubes are certified RNAse/DNAse, Human DNA, PCR Inhibitor, and Pyrogen Free, all featuring easy to read graduations. From 1.5 to 500mL, we can provide you with a range of tube sizes to suit the needs of your lab.

Solution Bottles

Solution bottles are used for storage of various liquid solutions and are convenient for media preparations.  Marathon’s solution bottles are made of polystyrene and have a leakproof cap design.

Culture Tubes

Culture tubes are a common laboratory instrument used to handle different types of liquid. The vertical sides and conical bottom make it convenient for storing and pouring. MarathonLS culture tubes are ideal for all routine laboratory procedures.


Cryovials are used for cyrogenic storage of biological materials. They are designed to seal tightly and can withstand very low temperatures. MarathonLS offers self-standing cryostorage vials with either internal or external thread sealed caps.

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At MarathonLS, we go the distance to deliver an unparalleled experience for our clients, focusing on the unique needs of each science lab, education institution, and healthcare institution. We ensure labs do not miss a step in their race for innovation, promising relentless communication, flexible scheduling, and a next-day guarantee. Our manufacturer-trained service engineers meticulously maintain, repair, and calibrate laboratory equipment, ensuring that your equipment is working efficiently for the long run. MarathonLS also proudly stocks laboratory consumables, providing a stable supply chain that allows us to get our clients the supplies they need when they need it. Partnering with MarathonLS guarantees increased uptime, maximized instrument performance and most of all, laboratory and facility managers who can confidently support their scientists’ hard work. The race for discovery and innovation is a Marathon, not a sprint, allow us to come along for the run.