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Benefits of Preventative Maintenance
for you laboratory equipment

What is preventative maintenance and why does it matter?

What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance (PM) is the regular and routine evaluation and repair of an asset to prolong and conserve its lifetime. PM is a common practice among several different industries including transportation and technology.

Why is Preventative Maintenance Necessary?

Preventative Maintenance is essential to combat issues and breakdowns before they occur. It is a critical step in prolonging the life cycle of any integral asset and avoiding disruptions throughout discoveries in the lab.

Types of Preventative Maintenance for Lab Equipment

• Daily Cleaning
• Deep Cleaning
• Scheduled, Professional PM

Preventative Maintenance with MarathonLS

Preventative maintenance takes minimal effort from lab managers and end users. Simply schedule your visit and be sure to move products from the instrument beforehand.


  • Preparing for your PM appointment will allow the engineer to be in and out efficiently, so you can get
    back to your critical research.

Preventative maintenance visits are quick – they can take less than an hour depending on the instrument and its condition.

Before the engineer leaves, they will clean and test the instrument and its operation and provide a record of the appointment, so you know when the instrument requires its next PM.

If the instrument requires extra labor or new parts, a Marathon team member will follow up with a quote before moving forward with any additional work.

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Preventative Maintenance for Frequently Used Lab Equipment
MLS Centrifuges
Incubators labservice
Incubator Shakers labservice
Incubators Shakers
Open Air Shakers labservice
Open Air Shakers
Centrifuges labservice
Floor Centrifuges
Preventative Maintenance Before & After Photos