Preventative Maintenance for PCRs/Thermal Cyclers

Our program ensures your PCRs/Thermal Cyclers are working at optimal performance.

Routine preventive maintenance for PCRs/Thermocyclers is recommended due to the critical nature of temperature accuracy during a Polymerase Chain Reaction, particularly during the annealing phase when the binding precision of the primers is affected so greatly by the temperature. Temperature verifications provide confirmation of a pass/fail of the heating block temperature accuracy and consistency.

Our service includes temperature verification and calibration and is recommended by MarathonLS and the manufacturers.

At MarathonLS, our preventative maintenance service for PCRs/thermocyclers includes:

  • Check of all functions of the equipment
  • Inspection and cleaning of equipment housing
  • Inspection and cleaning of accessories
  • Inspection and cleaning of internal electronic parts
  • Diagnostics test of system performance
  • Temperature verification and calibration
  • Functional evaluation of sensors (where applicable)
  • Evaluation of electronic displays, software (updates where applicable) and memory
  • Validation and adjustment of parameters to manufacturer specifications

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Why routine temperature verification and calibration is needed

Temperature is the source of energy in PCR reactions. Proper temperature specification is fundamental to reliable results

  • Routine temperature verification ensures that the temperature across all wells on the heating block is accurate and consistent so that reliable and meaningful results are generated
  • The outcome of inaccurate and/or poorly reproducible temperature cycling can result in low yields, unwanted artifacts, and unreliable results