Preventative Maintenance for Incubator Shakers

Our program ensures your incubator shakers are working at optimal performance.

We recommend that all incubator shakers have annual preventative maintenance. Routine preventive maintenance service ensures that your culturing environment is reliably maintained and controlled, maximizing culturing consistency and repeatability, optimizing culturing performance.

MarathonLS preventative maintenance service is designed to check, validate and promote continuous and stable incubator performance. It also includes temperature and RPM calibration – service that is also recommended by the manufacturers.

At MarathonLS, our preventative maintenance service for incubator shakers includes:

  • Check installation environment
  • Check of all functions of the equipment
  • Inspection and cleaning of equipment housing
  • Inspection and cleaning of accessories
  • Replace in-line CO2 filter and auto-zero filter (where applicable)
  • Check security of shaker platform(s) and flask holders
  • Check condition of shaker drive belt and bearing assembly
  • Inspection and cleaning of internal electronic parts
  • Diagnostics test of system performance
  • Temperature verification and RPM calibration
  • Verification and calibration of CO2, N2, RH, and temperature sensors (where applicable)
  • Evaluation of electronic displays, software (updates where applicable) and memory
  • Validation and adjustment of parameters to manufacturer specifications

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Why routine temperature verification and calibration is needed

The unique environment of the incubator share supports simultaneous cultivation of
adherent and suspension cultures.

  • The tiniest deviations in the culturing environment can result in undesirable outcomes
  • Temperature verification is critical to maintain optimal conditions while processing for accurate yields.