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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Marathon Pacer is brand agnostic which means that we supply lab consumables that your scientists already use and prefer. This includes products that are refrigerated, perishable, hazmat, or flammable.
  1. The implementation stage of Pacer requires minimal time from the customer. Your Pacer team manages and conducts implementation with feedback and input from your lab operations team and scientific teams.
  1. Marathon Pacer is made up of a team of experts in the fields of procurement, data analysis, business development, logistics, and finance, that have created a program executing the highest quality of work at a price lower than the salary of a full-time employee or other alternative. You also will not have to worry about coverage for an FTE that may be out sick or on vacation.
  1. The cost of Marathon Pacer is dependent on the scope of the project and a number of metrics and factors such as number of scientists, product SKU’s and number of locations.
    Marathon Pacer has been proven to save customers an average of $200,000/year through:
  1. • Centralized purchasing
  2. • Reclaiming lab space
  3. • Reduced inventory on-site and SKU consolidation
  4. • Alternative staff
  5. • Pricing discounts through strategic procurement
  1. Pacer improves lab operations by relieving lab managers and directors of tasks associated with inventory management and procurement so they can focus on other strategic priorities. Ultimately, Pacer eliminates disruptions that could lead to scientific delays.
  1. Marathon Pacer has developed software that provides its user with a variety of reports including stock details, inventory on hand, inventory changes, total stock value, historical data, trends and more. You can log in to your dashboard at any time to view real-time reports.
  1. Pacer is different from other inventory management programs and alternatives because it provides real-time reporting and data that is extremely accurate, gives customers 100% transparency to their off-site storage, is brand agnostic, and provides a team of experts in procurement, sourcing, and data analytics. The Pacer team actively implements best practices.
  1. Utilizing Pacer’s virtual stockroom reduces inventory on hand while preventing stockouts and eliminating long lead times. Marathon’s local warehouse is an extension of your stock room that you always have visibility to through your Pacer dashboard.

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