Equipment we service

MarathonLS provides expert maintenance, repair, and calibration services for a wide range of scientific equipment.

We are always expanding our capabilities so be sure to contact us if you have a specific equipment need.

Equipment Equipment Description Manufacturers
Centrifuge Refrigerated, Benchtop All
Floor Centrifuge Floor Model, Highspeed Beckman Coulter
Ultra-Centrifuge UltraCentrifuges Beckman Coulter
Vaccufuge All
Incubator Shaker Refrigerated, Floor Model All
Incubator CO2, Non-CO2, Benchtop, Stackable All
Open Air Shaker Benchtop, Floor All
PCR / Thermocycler Regular All
PCR / Thermocycler Real Time Eppendorf
Roto Evaporators All
Liquid Handler EP Motion Series Eppendorf
ThermoMixer All
Heat Block All
Liquid Nitrogen Freezer All
Lyophilizer / Freeze Dryer Labconco
Lab Water System DI / Ultrapure water systems All
Vacuum Pump All
Environmental Chamber All

At MarathonLS, we are always expanding our technical capabilities.

Are you seeking a new partner to maintain, repair or calibrate a particular instrument? At MarathonLS, we seek to go above and beyond for our customers. That’s why we are constantly expanding our technical expertise. In addition, we are committed to getting professional service training to accommodate your instrument needs.  Contact us to learn our full capabilities and discuss your lab’s unique needs.