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Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

The next generation of the safest ULT for Biomedical and Pharmaceutical cold storage.

MLS Dual 2X

Total Sample Security and Peace of Mind

100% Refrigeration Redundancy, Cloud Based Monitoring


MarathonLS’ series of Ultra Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers with TEC technology has natural, hydrocarbon-based refrigerants to lower GMP, and has 100% redundancy provided by two complete and independent refrigeration system.

Standard ultra-low freezers rely on a cascade refrigeration system. If this system fails, an LN2 or CO2 backup can only sustain temperatures for approximately seven hours. Your samples will need to be moved quickly. Maintenance, refilling, and supervision are also required with LN2 and CO2 backups. With TEC2 technology, there is no need to move your samples in a rush or worry about LN2 or CO2 backups.

Maintaining temperature and uniformity is important, but being aware of external conditions and forces that have the potential to influence the freezer’s performance makes the TEC2 the world’s first ULT freezer offering smart, situational awareness for complete performance monitoring and Total Sample Security. Monitoring everything from inside out, 24/7. TEC2 Ultra Low Freezers are integrated with Traceable® data logger.

Ambient Temperature:

10 to 32°C

Temperature Range:

-40 to -86°C

Perfect for COVID-19 Vaccines

Critical material storage in biorepositories, medical research facilities, BSL4 labs, hospitals, or anywhere valuable samples need to be stored safely.

Unmatched Performance & Reliability, Total Sample Security

  • Sample security: 2 core, 2 refrigeration system, 2 control commands for compressors, enabling one system to maintain temperature if the other is disabled.

  • Fast, dual cooling system enables faster pull down (4.5hr) & door opening recovery times (80min) after 2min door opening.

  • Above industry standard (±2.5°C) uniformity ensures your samples are being stored within the proper temperature range to maintain integrity.

  • 50-90% more sample storage in the same space.

  • Frost free: interlocking gasket design and heated door seal reduces frost accumulation on the inner compartment doors.

  • Only freezer aware of its own environment with smart, self-monitoring features.

  • Lockable, ergonomically designed door handle for easy and secure access.

  • 7’’ color touch screen panel allows full user control.

  • GLP conformity makes transferring logged data to a PC simple and convenient.

  • Best insulation: combining vacuum insulation panels with high efficiency dual layered insulated inner doors ensures longest cold retention and recovery times.


  • Advanced 7” touch screen control panel with data monitoring

  • Vaccum insulated external door panel

  • Ergonomic and safety door latch

  • Magnetic door gasket to ensure proper sealing

  • Door switch to protect samples

  • Easy access condensing filter

  • USB port for data download of recent 10,000 readouts

  • Heavy duty adjustable casters

  • Spacers to ensure proper positioning of the freezer

All TEC2 Models:

  • Type: upright
  • Inner doors: 2pcs, forming door
  • Shelves: 3pcs, SUS304
  • Inner chamber material: SUS304
  • Cooling type: direct cooling
  • Controller: microprocessor
  • Refrigerants: natural low GWP
  • Hydrocarbon, CFC free
  • Cooling System: TEC2
  • Independent systems
  • Compressor brand: SECOP
  • Sensor: PT100
  • Display & control: 7″ touch
  • Screen Casters: 4
  • Test hole diameter: 1/25mm
  • Remote alarm contact
  • USB and RS232/485 Port

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