MarathonLS is an organization dedicated to delivering a different—and better—kind of customer experience.

Our mission is to be the best service provider of maintenance, repair, and calibration of scientific laboratory equipment. Our goal is to help you support your life science lab on its path to discovery and innovation–without missing a step.

MarathonLS was initially formed within Avantik, an integrated pathology products and services company delivering superior quality equipment, consumables and service to pathology laboratories nationwide for nearly 50 years.

In 2018, MarathonLS spun out as an independent organization to focus on the unique needs of its customers in life sciences laboratory management, who routinely experience long wait times, poor communication and inflexible scheduling options from traditional equipment service companies. Leveraging the Avantik customer-centric approach, MarathonLS provides a superior quality of service to life science laboratory managers and facility managers.

The result is increased uptime, maximized instrument performance and most of all, laboratory and facility managers who can confidently support their scientists in the race for cures.

Next Day On-Site Repairs Guaranteed

by experienced technicians

Relentless Communication

We work with your lab’s scheduling demands

Fast and Detailed Documentation

Our technicians complete detailed documentation onsite

Managed Preventative Maintenance Schedules

Preventative maintenance schedules to maximize lab efficiency

Our Team

MarathonLS offers an experienced team of factory-trained, multi-brand technicians and a dedicated support staff. The result is responsive service you can count on.

Our Approach

Our approach is to be a valued, trusted partner who provides rapid response, detailed documentation, and timely, professional communications to keep you fully informed.